Wagyu 100%.TV

Do you know the secret of the high-quality and extremely tender texture of Japanese wagyu beef?
In fact, it is the result of the efforts of Japanese highly-skilled farmers!
Wagyu 100%. TV: Join us as we explore the story of Japanese wagyu beef and the RTB of Japanese wagyu!

[Beef loved by the shogunate was raised in the rich environment of Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake!?] Wagyu 100%. TV: Shiga Edition

Omi beef actually possesses a rich history as wagyu beef, having been served to the shogunate since the Edo Period! Numerous wagyu cattle are raised using special breeding techniques in the rich environment of mountains and rivers surrounding Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan.

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  • [No. 1 in Japan in the number of breeding cattle and feedlot cattle! A master of raising wagyu cattle!?] Wagyu 100%. TV: Kagoshima Edition
    Did you know that wagyu cattle in Kagoshima Prefecture has the highest number of breeding cattle and feedlot cattle in Japan? Producers often separately carry out breeding, raising, and fattening of Japanese wagyu cattle. However, all farmers interviewed in this edition conduct integrated management. The cattle were raised by paying careful attention to each animal and fully utilizing the latest technology.
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